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Laramie River Ranch offers the best of Wyoming. Whether you’re looking for recreation, culture, adventure or relaxation, you’ll find that Laramie River Ranch is a great investment in your future. Though we cannot speculate on the future value of your ranch, land ownership has over time, been one of the soundest investments one can make. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to be an owner of a 35 to 70 acre homestead within the Laramie River Ranch.

The ranch is located approximately 60 minutes North of Laramie, nestled between the Wheatland Reservoirs and the Laramie River.

Laramie River Ranch is a timeless treasure but the opportunity to own is not. Call us to set up your personal tour. We’ll see you on the ranch!




Pristine, untouched land this beautiful is hard to find.  I’m proud to be a Founding Owner of 89 acres at Laramie River Ranch.  Thanks to Mark and the sales team, you do it right! I’m looking forward to building my home this spring!

Mark Ball
Redford, Michigan

"My retirement dream…which horse will I ride today?" Laramie River Ranch with its unparalleled natural beauty is a perfect place to live my "City Slicker" dreams!

Barbara Braid
Bakersfield, California

We are extremely happy to be one of the Founding Owners at Laramie River Ranch. This is truly one of the last great places in the country.  We look forward to enjoying it for years to come!

Bill & Kellie Mahoney
Greeley, Colorado